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Welcome to Images and Sounds of my Country


Art and music is a way of representing our culture and history, we dress in traditional clothes and have celebrations with music and song, even our landmarks, historical sights, and the animals make our countries unique


Go through the side bar to have access to any page you would like to navigate. Please post your test message to the Preparation  page. Also follow the steps below this letter to make sure you receive all the notifications of changes to the wiki.


This Learning Circle will be facilitated by Charlotte Tervit. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to the Facilitator of this Learning Circle.



Charlotte Tervit,




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English LC's


 We invite you to visits the learning Circle wiki's:


Nature and the World around us  -  Images and Sounds of My Country  -  Digital Generation  -  My Dream  -  Olympics 

Water is Life  -  World Literature  -  Olympics age 15-18  -  21 Century Learning  -  Environmental Sustainability  -  MDG's

Emerging Technologies  -  Youth in Action/ Volunteering  -  Cunina Eco Friendly Schools


Hi All


Please check out the COOL TOOLS link that has been added to the wiki SideBar. It has some fab ideas and links to help make your Answers and Summaries as fun and interesting as possible! It's really, well, Cool! :)









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believe it or not we are ready, except for tomorrow it's teacher's day.

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